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Strategy and Plans Division
Washington, D.C.

Develop policy, manage programs, and support the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations, and the Director of Strategy and Plans on matters relating to politico-military matters and international affairs, security cooperation, foreign disclosure and technology transfer in order to develop positive political-military relationships and build partner capacity with foreign partners.

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Plans, Policies and Operations
Strategy and Plans Division (PL)
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon (Rm 4B337)
Washington DC 20350-3000

Branch Head
COM: 703-692-4254                              

Deputy Branch Head
COM: 703-693-1365

CentCom Desk Officer
COM: 703-692-4345

Asia/PaCom Desk Officer
COM: 703-692-4346

Security Cooperation Policy AO
COM: 703-692-4341

International Affairs Program Manager
COM: 703-692-4365

SouthCom/NorthCom Desk Officer
COM: 703-692-4344

Eastern Europe/AfricaCom/Israel Desk Officer
COM: 703-692-4368

Foreign Disclosure/Technology Trans
COM: 703-692-4342 or 693-1364

Program Analyst for Security Assistance Fiscal
COM: 703-692-4338 or 692-4340

Budget Analyst
COM: 703-692-4343

EUCOM/Western Europe Desk Officer
COM: 703-692-4367

South Asia Desk Officer
COM: 703-614-0322

Program Analyst
COM: 703-692-4339

Security Cooperation Analyst
COM: 703-692-4375 or 693-9766

AFPAK Hands Program Manager
COM: 703-614-3287




Major Chin, a Vietnam FAO, serves as the US Embassy's coordinator for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's visit to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Panetta was...


Exercise Keris Strike

Capt Fretwell participated in Exercise Keris Strike in Melaka, Malaysia. It was a Combined Malaysia and U.S. Peace Support Operations Exercise.


Marines with Senagalese

Marine FAO LtCol Madden boards a French C-160 w/French and Senegalese troops



Maj Jackson , a South Asia FAO and governance and development advisor, speaks with a general store owner and his workers. For the first time since...


Cameroon War College

Maj Voyne, China FAO, attends Cameroon War College function in Beijing in place of SDO/DATT, BGen Stillwell, USAF. Senior African officials were...


Indonesia Naval Command and Staff College

Marine FAO, Major Carpenter, presents a commemorative plaque to Admiral Soeparno, Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy, during the graduation...


Brazilian Marines and British Royal Marines

BRAZIL - Maj Bakion, an ET LATAM FAO, in the field with the Brazilian Marines and British Royal Marines


Joint FAO Basic Course in Monterey

FY12 study track FAO/RAO group at the end of the Joint FAO Basic Course in Monterey, 11-15 June, 2012. This marks the beginning of their training as...


Japanese Command & Staff College

Maj Coleman with a cohort of International Officers from her Japanese Command & Staff College class, standing at the Japanese Southern Defense Force...


Marines in Colombia

Maj McCormack, a Lat Am FAO conducting a utilization tour in Colombia, visits a riverine post and presents USMC shirts and hats to the winners of a...

Plans, Policies and Operations